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Yoshi looks heaps better!

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Just stating the facts! :D
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+1 to that!
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I wana this exhaust cuz standard the bike is just too quiet. How does it sound with the new exhaust? Is it a lot louder?
I would say that both systems are quite sexy, I simply chose Yoshi due to the quality of the products that they produce is outstanding.
Sorry Niko i agree with yoshimura... Starting to wish if got one instead of my two brothers

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If you guys really want quality, get an Akrapovic exhaust. Best IMO

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I really dont like what they did with yoshi stamp. Jus saying.....

Im a Akrapovic fan myself.

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Yoshi stamp looks 100 times better than Akra, akra pipe finish is dull man! Looks like poo!
Does anyone actually prefer stock? I haven't picked mine up yet so I don't have an opinion atm..

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