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Whats Up!!! from Cali...

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This place looks awesome, with the bike finally out should be a pretty active place to hang (when not out on the bike of course) :D. Haven't had a bike in over 20 years, was actually at the bike shop looking for scooters to putt around on with my wife and they were way expensive. walked by the used bike section and looked at what I assumed was a 600 and read the tag it was only like $3500 then noticed it said it was a 250cc, i was like WTF they make a sport bike in a 250cc (tells you i haven't had a bike in a LOOOONG time). Then i started looking at new 250's mostly the CBR, but didnt like the look of them. Glanced over to my left and saw this nice pearly white beast and assumed it was a 600 or higher, figured thats out of my price range but had to sit on it anyway. Still not knowing much about bikes in general, I'm not a fanboy of Kawasaki, Honda, whatever, my wife saw my face light up when i was checking it out. Left without purchasing the bike, but on the way home my wife said if you want it get it, so went to another dealer closer to home they had the white one as well, but i wanted to see a black before i made a decision on either one. Went home did some research and yesterday we went back to the original dealer as it is close to our work and there was the black one, I was instantly in love. 4 hours later with new helmet, jacket and gloves i was riding it home.

So a shout out to my wife for not giving me any crap about killing myself or anything. Love ya honey..... :)

Looking forward to learning from you guys and helping where i can....
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GRATZ! Welcome to the club dude!

I gatta find me a good girl like yours ;D
yeah girls are like bikes you gotta ride a lot of them to find a good one...

LOL... Dont tell her i said that.....
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