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Type of gas for Ninja?

In this area we have two sources with 0% ethanol. In both of my bikes (own a '12 Ninja 650 also), I use Premium from either of the "Royal" stations which were Texaco a while back. The lesser grades have 5% - 10% ethanol, so I use the top grade exclusively. The other source is Southern States (farm bureau) which is 0% across the board. Was in a rural area and topped-off with BP, so ran 226 miles that day (Jan. 29 !!) to purge it out. See you're right down the road from me Mr. 540, I run the Blue Ridge Parkway to Roanoke and back sometimes on my "300", it has more range than the 650, so it gets a lot of use by comparison.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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