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So I've had my Ninjette for more than a year now and have covered only about 3500 km. Had a very demanding job over the last couple of years, so I couldn't go for any long rides. The costs of servicing in India are quite steep and the roads are congested, so the Kawi never had a chance to stretch her legs. Given the circumstances, I was agonizing over whether to sell the bike or not.

That's when I got a call from my dealership asking if I wanted to join in for the first leg of the All India Kawasaki Relay Ride. Why the hell not, I figured. May as well take the chance to open up the throttle on the open roads. And my, it was quite a feeling hitting speeds that the bike has never seen before. We rode about 115 km on the highway between Mumbai and the Western Indian state of Gujarat and back. The dealer had arranged a simple Parsi breakfast for us - so much for fostering the spirit of bikerhood.

Anyway I've decided to keep the Ninja :)



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