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Hey guys, thought id ask before riding my bike again if anyone encountered the same problem, or maybe i'm paranoid.

Well, i'm around 500 miles, and just this week have i been riding my bike harder (not close to redline, but not using the 4-5k break in rule anymore).

Since the last few times riding i can hear a hissing sound coming from the front gap between the gas tank and odometer area. This sound kind of sounds like air pressure leaking, but it isn't since my tire pressure is fine. You can really hear it good if you plant your face down on the meters really low, like a guy with horrible vision checking his rpm. You can only hear it when riding with no helmet, or an open face glass, since the sound isn't too loud.

I thought it might just be wind tunneling throughout the bike, but probably not since it's the first time hearing it and I've been riding for 2 months. Also, this sound only happens when in gear 1 - 6 and regardless of speed (though it does seem to get slightly louder the faster you go), for example if I'm riding and kick it in neutral, it stops.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks
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