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Ventura Rack - Fits Nicely

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On the 7th of January 2013 the first shipment of Ventura Racks left New Zealand on their way to Australia. Mine turned up last week and as i ordered it as parts of the sale of my motorcycle, my local dealer fitted it for me (that’s another story all together) (read about that fiasco here )

heres the rack i ordered


and heres 2 quick videos i put together this evening.Just picked up the bike from the dealer today after its 950 kilometre 1st service and got the rack fitted at same time. Man its so nice to ride this bike now with no Backpack on, great stuff, way more enjoyable to ride now.Awesome stuff

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Without a bag on that... that is ugly as sin hahaha

with the bag, looks natural awesome! haha funny how that works..

Nice bags btw! is there any modern equivalencies to those?
On the 7th day of january my dealership gave to meeeeee,
Seven arguments,
Six weeks of waiting...

and I can't think of anymore but that fking song is stuck in my head.

Hey... Hey cruiz... Hey... you have a nice rack =]
Nice bags btw! is there any modern equivalencies to those?

mate, i honestly dont know. But any bag designed to fit a Ventura / Gear Sack rack will fit on this

Just dont use it as a back rest for the pillion, its not designed for that
Found these size guides for Ventura racks on the interwebs

Pack Frame (PF) and Sport Rack (SR) and Grab Handle (GH)
Width is c/c height is post height

PF11/SR11 220mm width 65mm height
PF12/SR12/GH12 258mm width 5mm height
PF13/SR13/GH13 278mm width 5mm height
PF14/SR14/GH14 314mm width 30mm height
PF15/SR15/GH15 350mm width 30mm height
PF16/SR16/GH16 314mm width 5mm height
PF17/SR17/GH17 350mm width 5mm height
PF18/SR18/GH18 258mm width 30mm height
PF19/SR19/GH19 278mm width 30mm height

The PF18 is for the Ninja 300, 258 is the widest part of the rack, this might come in handy incase anyone has a backpack or the likes & wants to know if it will for the Ventura Rack
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Thanks for the measurements! That's really useful! Now I know I can fit my Kata bag!

But I'm torn now though. I just got a reply from Givi that they'll be releasing the Ninja 300 fitment kit in mid April. I really wanted a Givi setup from the beginning. But at the same time I really want the ability to slip on my backpack to the Ventura PackRack. Hmm the dilemma...
well why not get a Ventura rack, and buy just the Givi top box on its own, i bet you can make an adaptor that the Givi bolts to and you can undo the ventura rack and slide the give box on

depend how adapt you are at handyman type job's

i have no doubt it can be done, just be a little time consuming to make it, but still do'-able
Yea that's a good idea and I've thought about it too. I guess I only have 2 concerns about that setup:

(1) Looking at http://www.ventura-bike.com/images/general/packrack1.jpg, I'm not sure if the rack section is "deep" enough to hold a Givi plate and top case.

(2) The PackRack is supported onto the side bars via 2 vertical "legs" that don't join very deep. I think this gives sufficient fore/aft strength but not so sure about the angular torque to support a top case with stuff in it. Another idea I had was to put the PackRack facing the front so that the rack sits on top of the passenger seat and have the top case facing forward as well then weight shouldn't be a problem. But then this makes it harder to get on the bike :p

Sadly here in the US it's next to impossible to find a local dealer that has these parts that I can just walk in and check out and make measurements. I more or less have to do all of my research up front before making a buying decision :(
1) the depth of the hole is about 30mm deep and the tube is about 20mm wide, the steel tube is about 2mm thick, so pretty sturdy

2) the vertical legs seem to attach the rear of the frame, im not 100% certain as i dint fit it, the dealer did as part of the sale of my bike.however i can assure you i can grab the ventura rack & lift the back of the bike off the ground and move the rear of the bike to where i want in the shed so it is quite sturdy

when i did my trip round australia on my vfr800, used two backpacks as shown in the video, iu had those chock a block with gear, i did write down how much they weighed but that was over 10 years ago and i cant remember but i think it was over 40kg with both bags, the rack took it in its stride and you would think after doing a 17,922 kilometer trip if it was going to bend/snap/crack it would on that trip & it kept coming back for more
Alright it's settled! I'm pulling the trigger on the Ventura rack! If anything I'll be happy to slip my backpack onto it because it's killing me! It's soooo uncomfortable to wear a 15lb backpack on 1hr commutes everyday (1 way).
Alright it's settled! I'm pulling the trigger on the Ventura rack! If anything I'll be happy to slip my backpack onto it because it's killing me! It's soooo uncomfortable to wear a 15lb backpack on 1hr commutes everyday (1 way).
i cant wear backpacks & ride any more i could once upon a time, not any more, too much friggin pain, not nice

so i assume your going to make some kind of bracket to mount to the bottom of the givi box? if you lived near me i would gladly come & help get it made, or if you dont have the tools, you can come to my shed, i have all kinds of goodies for stuff like this
Thanks for the offer mate! However I'm all the way here in Norther California :)

I have access to a metal shop so tools should not be an issue. Looks like the L-rack for the Ninja 300 won't be in stock until mid April. Will keep this threaded posted as I make progress.
Sammy, why not use the SW Moteck rack I bolted on my bike? It will take the Givi with a ready made quick release plate, straight on or the fit Coo Case I have.

This is a nice set up too, but if you don't ultimately want the whole set up, why not get the simple rack system?
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