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Just for curiosity sake does anyone know how dangerous or damaging it is to
valve bounce or limit our bikes? or any bike for that matter.

Obviously only once it has been warmed up. I've done it about twice when going under a bridge or tunnel. I love the sound but don't like doing it. Makes me feel like i'm hurting her.

But i suppose once in a while could be that bad?:confused:

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If you run into the limiter, you are not yet floating the valves. It can sit there, under a load and run like that all day long as long as you don't force it to rev higher by running it downhill for example.

Valve float is bad, and the engine will be damaged. When they float they are essentially jumping off the cams like a ramp and the springs can't control them anymore. They will strike the piston and it'll be a big repair bill. Hit them hard enough and the piston can break, valves snap and you destroy the entire engine.

Don't worry about the limiter going off if you rev it out, but an upshift should follow very soon, or brakes if hitting a stretch of track that you don't want to shift at the end of.
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