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That looks like the Leo Vince slip-on, which absolutely will pop when you roll of the throttle. That's normal for that exhaust. Since it's a slip-on, there's no tuning adjustments that should've been done. You will lose maybe 1 hp with the slip-on, but it's not that noticeable. I have the carbon fiber version of it, which I run without the baffle, and I can hear all sorts of pops when I roll off to engine brake. It's also incredibly loud without the baffle, but I like it.

My bike is also lowered an inch, but again, that's not going to affect the top speed. What will affect it is your size (height & weight) along with your body position. I'm 5' 1" and if I tuck down behind the windscreen, I can easily hit 100 mph on a flat, more on a downhill. If I sit up above the windscreen, that drops significantly. For giggles I watched my 5' 10" husband hit 110 mph on it and then watched it slow down to about 85 mph when he sat up - the body acts like an air brake at that point.

I would ask the former owner when the last time it was serviced, including the valve adjustment and the spark plugs replaced. Also, pull the airbox and clean it.
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