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I'd start looking around to see what else has been modified.

Look at the air filter - stock?

Does it have any type of tuner, like a Power Commander, under the seat?

Is it making any engine noise, like ticking? It could need a valve adjustment.

I don't think you are looking at the right part, if it's $80 for a throttle body, and I don't think it would need to be replaced. They may need to be synced.

I would look deeper into the code that it's throwing, and try to isolate a part that could be faulty.

If you don't care for the loud exhaust, you could start looking around for a used stock system, which may make it run better than an improperly-tuned aftermarket exhaust.

EDIT: That license plate looks like it would get sucked under the tail, and possibly cut the tire, if you hit a good bump.
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