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A few days ago I noticed a massive amount of grime had built up under/inside the fairings of my bike (ride around 100km most days, wet or dry and to dusty/dirty construction sights almost daily) so I decided to take all the fairings off and give it a proper wash. Got all the side/front fairings off after a little head scratching, bathed the bike and each fairing with degreaser, washed, then waxed each bit and put the fairings all back on.

The problem is after I'd finished I found this:
<incest broken link here>

I can't think of anything else it could be off, its a small garage with not much else in it and it was found under where I had the bike parked. I don't know if its from the bike or not. Test rode the bike for around 45min last night and didn't notice anything different about it.

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