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TwoBrothers JuiceBox

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Just trying to get some information on the TwoBrothers JuiceBox.

Is there anyone on the forum currently running one?

I've never played around with fuel controllers before so this is the unknown for me.

Are they easy enough to install? Program? Use? Work with? Any information people have I'd appreciate.

Thanks in-advance forum family.

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I've not used that type of tuner, but the Low-Med-High adjustments are really just too broad and unless you can get the bike on a dyno to see how the motor responds to the adjustments then it will be a whole lot of guesswork by the seat of your pants. :confused:

If you are willing to spend $250 on a tuning module I would wait for the PowerCommander V which should be released for the 300 this coming week. The benefit here is that if you can't get in to a dyno you can download and use a map that others will typically post and get your bike closer to a good tune than you would otherwise.

And yes, if you're mechanically inclined and have performed simple mods on your bike, then installing a PCV is really not difficult. Now the Bazzaz units are another story! :p
The tbr and area p have changeable maps, they even can use the pcv maps.. The 3 dials are for minor adjustments to the maps on the fly.. The pcv does the same thing but will modify timing and you can add on accessories..
I'm very familiar with the PCIII, PCV and Bazzaz systems, but have not seen or used the TBR and Area-P units. Thanks for the info.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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