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This is probably a dumb question but I want to know so.....

Everybody is talking about getting an Area P or Power Commander and maps to compliment their exhaust and air filter upgrades.

Can't you just have the ECU remapped and be done with it? If the bike comes with an electronic fuel delivery system, it just doesn't seem logical to me to add another one on top of what's already there. Maybe ECU isn't the term I'm looking for but there's already something on the bike that can be tweaked I know.

I understand that with and ECU reprogram, you lose the ability to tinker or change up quick and cheap but for people who arent going to experience extreme elevation or climate changes, an ECU program should suffice right?

What are the pros and cons?
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I would think the first issues is that you need to find someone capable of doing so...

A piggy back is simple and most members like the ability to tinker if they change their mods.. If you found a person that is able to mod the ECU, I doubt it would be much less than a piggy back..
If im thinking right the Area P or Power Commander is what allows you to adjust the config on the ECU the bike already has. Without a tuner you would have no way to adjust the bikes system.
I vaguely recall some guys juicing up their sport quads and they went back to the dealership to have their ECUs reconfigured for their upgrades. I think it came out to about $15 more than the whole PC and map setup.

I guess it wouldn't be a good idea with these bikes anyway, they might void the warranty if you brought it back all modded out
Get the Area-P and dont look back, its an amazing mod and their customer service is for a lifetime, so if you add or subtract mods you get a new map for free, if you move they will adjust your map for the new climate/average elevation
That would be ideal...

...however, only a few ECUs have been cracked and made accessible to the average rider. The more famous are Ducatidiag and TuneECU, but even they can't handle every model of the bikes they specialize in since the manufacturers update their software/hardware to deal with governmental emissions mandates :mad:, new engines and work to improve their overall performance and efficiency.

Along the lines of what you suggested I have a 2011 ZX10-R and that model ECU was cracked by Don at Guhl Motors. Since I did the typical mods (which is to ditch the emissions paraphernalia, swap out the exhaust and the intake filter) I sent my ECU to him and he re-flashed it to accommodate those mods which made a ridiculous improvement in the power output of the bike. However, If I wanted to tweak the timing and mixture more or tune it for race gas or eek out every little bit of power based on RPMs and partial throttle openings I would need to install a PowerCommander or Bazzaz system and take it to a local tuner and their dyno (which I've also done :D).
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And I would say after all the mucking around, taking it to a shop to have it remapped, having it dyno tuned......... you are gonna be well more out of pocket that simply paying 250 for a tuner.
its 250 for the tuner, but another 250 for the auto tuner (removing the need for dyno) i think... ?? I'm talking PCV by the way?

Am considering this myself... :/
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