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Tool to pull out the connector terminals?

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Hello, does anyone know the tool to pull out the terminals of this connector in the pictures?
The connector is the Intake Air Temperature Sensor connector.

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I’m not sure the specific tool for that plug - but I bought a cheap kit that removes just about every type of terminal.

might be worth a shot.

Terminal Removal Tools
Thanks @motopreserve
I was pointed in that direction in the other forum and bought the tool. The connector is really tricky. I managed to pull out the grey part with a little hook tool, but still couldn't figure out how to remove the terminals and the connector has some damage already, still looks functional though.

I will try once more and then get a take off main harness from eBay and get a new connector with good terminals from there.
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i doubt those terminals were meant to be removed, just use some picks or something and force them out. I recommend being smart about it though, cut those connectors off and buy the exact same ones or any connectors of your choice or , actually you don't need connectors at all, just splice or solder them together, wire to wire. think about it what is the purpose of connectors? to connect wires so that they can be easily disconnected later, you don't need that shit
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