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Sunday, my girl and I took the bikes to Willow Springs Raceway Kart Track to have some fun on the little bikes. She is having a couple races coming up the next two weekends so we thought we would run through some drills.
I got to ride the 300 for the very first time, in fact I haven't been to the track in over 8 years!
She raced the 300 at CVMA a couple weeks ago...
On the 300 at the Kart track you are basically in 3rd gear the whole time, so I worked on my lines and BP.
So much fun! The best part about it was it was only $25... There was some karts there and we just switched off every half hour which worked out great... We spent about 15mins each on both bikes...
I never even considered taking the 300 to the kart track, but threw it in the trailer at the last second... I asked the office when I got there if I could run, they were like sure...
I included a couple picks of Juliet on both bikes, well mostly because, she is way faster than me and looks a lot better than me... Lol...
One other thing that surprised me was how much we tore up the tires on the 300... I mean you really not going that fast, but your always in a tight corner and putting a lot of heat in the tires...
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Nice, that looks like a blast. Like the 50 too. Kart tracks are just a big load of fun. Can't wait to get my 300 on one.

For 4 years, I was riding supermotos at a local kart track. I'm blessed with the best kart track in the USA (USAIR, Shawano, WI) being 1/2 hour from my house. It's a 1.1 mile, 18 turn, $10 million world class racing facility, built for shifter kart racing, but open to lots of other stuff. Prime asphalt with nary a patch or tar snake in sight, and some dramatic elevation changes and banked curves.

I think it was back in 2013 I tried a friend's 250 ninja on the track. It was a 08-12 model, not sure which year but had race fairings on it and a good track setup. My first thought was this is going to be a fat and slow turd. But to my surprise it got around well and was a ton of fun. Ever since then I had my eyes open for nice small bikes, and the '13 Ninja 300 with fuel injection and a 4" rear rim was just the bike for me. It was built for CCS racing but make no mistake, the intention for some kart track fun was high on the list.

Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside CA is probably worth the drive for you. If I were out in CA I'd be raiding that place often.

Side note: my old CRF450 really ate tires at the kart track. I was hoping the 300 goes a bit easier on them.
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