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Waited 2 weeks for Honda dealer to rip me off with wheels removed $50 each plus tax, Kawasaki dealer refused my business for buying tires on sale from Dennis kirk, hopefully a huge upgrade. Psychotic suicidal gf has been a 100% distraction since got outta prison where I put her, hadn't ridden since. Flimsy "forklift" front lift dropped my bike off both lifts, while both axles removed. Hilarity ensued. Bought an engine hoist at China Freight before they closed for weekend, took load off forks n swingarms, hopefully before bent forks n swingarm. Straightened bent metal on lifts, tried to reuse front stand but impossible with forks tweaked. My front stand seemed to not fit brake caliper assembly so unstable. Ordered a viper triple tree lift from Amazon. Used the 18 mm pin, it worked with minimal contact with fairing. Got wheels mounted n torqued with new cotter pins. Not at all happy with alignment using stock marks. Ordered chain alignment tool. I'd sold ALL my tools n gear while driving tractor trailer OTR, having to buy new tools as needed. Out of practice, gf extra suicidal n psychotic, arrest to psych ward n hospital after died twice, taking it slow to avoid further mistakes on what is supposed to be a 5 minute job. The Dragon awaits, it is merciless.

In the market for topline laser alignment gear, any suggestions? Or cheap substitution.

How straight is the stock frame? Are both tires' centerline on centerline of frame?

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