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Hey all,

New rider and I wear glasses. I tried on various helmets and found that I liked modular helmets since it was easier for me to put on my glasses while the chin bar was up.

I would like to get a new helmet that is snell 2010 approved and HI VIZ but most modular helmets are only DOT. I also find that my glasses bounce inside the helmet during high speeds. Could this be due to the helmet being too big or that modulars are not as tight as regular full face helmets?

Any tips from veterans that wear glasses under the helmet?

Thanks for any info!
If your glasses are bouncing around, the helmets too big.

I hate having to wear my glasses .. and it's difficult getting my glasses into my helmets, but, such is life.

I'm looking into LASIK.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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