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Ok i got my bike on Saturday the 10th i have put 100 miles
on her totally. However i live in Knoxville my kids are in morristown
and it is a pain to get off the bike and get in my car every time
i want to see them
plus gas mileage wise the bike is much better

every time i am on the highway i feel like i am sliding off the back
I know its just nervousness but i need help on how to overcome it.

I have started gripping the tank harder with my knees and i press
back on the feet pegs which has helped alot with stability yet i
still feel light up top.

I have found a light circuit that I ride round and round in circles
I basically get on the highway at my exit ride up to the next exit
get off under the bridge then get back on go down to the original
and go under bridge and go again.

Yes it sounds silly but i can see a slight improvement i am getting
off the ramp now around 50 to 55 whereas when i started i was
getting off around 45.

Anyway if anyone has any tips on me becoming more comfortable
with highway riding I would appreciate it

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I reckon your not leaning forward enough or gripping the tank hard enough with your knees/inner things. The harder you grip with your knees the more relaxed the arms become. Make sure your sitting in the correct position and not too far forward or back!
Confidence comes with practice
Goodluck :)

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Yeah just tuck down to get out of the wind, and use the knees. Sounds to me like you just need to keep practicing and getting used to it, you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

When I am tucking I am pretty much laying on top of my tank bag, mirrors angled so I can still see. I'm a small guy though so tucking is easy, if you are larger maybe that is why you are catching so much wind! lol

You won't slide off the back, you just won't. Just don't let go of the handle bars, but don't death grip them. It is really just something that takes lots of practice to get used to. Ride behind a semi-truck trailer to get in more practice lol, the wind shears will definitely push you side to side so be more aware when getting behind larger vehicles at high speeds.

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grab a touring windshield helps a TON! and you dont have to crouch as much to get out of the wind.

Personally i think gripping the tank harder or the handlebar harder makes me too tense and then there is a more likely chance of me messing up and crashing... but, if i had ot pick, grip the tank harder rather than the handle bars.

oh and Parker.. LOL oh man that helmet must of been way too big on her to do that hahaha I bet she learned her lesson though!
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