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any advice on how to properly upshift/downshift for guys who are new to manuals?

i haven't done anything dangerous to screw it up or cause problems, i'd merely like technique pointers to avoid aquiring bad habits before it could become an issue is all.

theoretically i know to properly shift, but i'd like advice on how to do so properly, and more importantly, safely, e.g. bikes, like my car, are rear-wheel driven, therefore i avoid braking/severe acceleration on the entrance to a corner... does that mean i should avoid any kind of shifting while actually in the corner too (meaning all upshifting/downshifting should be done before actually entering the corner?) or is it ok, within reason, to manipulate the transmission? i know downshifting at a terribly high rate of speed/rpm is not only mechanically unsound but can lead to a dangerous situation, i just wish to merely aquire the knowledge of capabilities...

call my question an 'ounce of prevention' as it were.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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