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I us the top of my foot, about 2-3" behind where the toes join the foot, for upshifting. It gives a more positive contact and motion.

Move your foot from at rest, being on the balls of your feet, to the position for braking/shifting when you need it.

I ride with 2 fingers on the brake now that I got it working closer to my liking, 2-3 fingers on the clutch all the time.

Elbows more up than level, eyes looking where you want to go.

As you learn you can try upshifting thru corners, for now use a gear that will pull you all the way thru, or slow down a bit. Either up or down shifts can be done during cornering but for most street riding you won't need to except at parking lot speeds.

Practice 1st and 2nd gear circles while slipping the clutch and dragging the rear brake. Shoot for full lock syeering and fluid, smooth clutch slip and brake drag. Start with bigger circles and get tighter as you feel comfortable.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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