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Is my bike about to blow up?

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Hey, it's my first time posting here.
Hopeing some fellow ninja 300 riders can offer some advice/perspective.

Summary - taping noise in 4th gear and up, louder under load. Comeing from rear of engine/between feet area. Consistent. Not chain or sprockets.

Long version.
Recently picked up my ninja and have been rideing daily. Love it exsept the taping noise I can hear and feel.. Mainly around my left foot it seems. My un-educated guess would be worn gears? As it seems fine in 1st to 3rd, but shifting into 4th it picks up a distinct taping sound that seems to lessen slightly in 5th. Seems to get louder under heavy load.

At first it sounded like a bad link on my chain was clipping the frame or something like that, but have given it a look over and looks fine besides being a little worn/tight in spots. (and dosent explain why it only dose it in the top half of the gears)

It dosent seem to have effected the bikes performance. Just starting to get paranoid it's getting worse or I'm about to blow my bike up. Lol....
Anyone els have a noisy 4th gear?

Any advise or exspirance with simaler stuff is apreshiated.

Thanks. 馃弽

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It should sound the same in each gear, with maybe a slight exception for first gear. The character my 300 has is that 6th gear needs a thorough shift into 6th to not slip out. It works totally fine, but I need to make sure to really get it all the way into 6th. I suspect a shift fork or gear dog set is worn a tad from poor shifts, but with proper technique, its a non-issue.

You say it's a tapping sound... I feel like that could be anything from tooth damage on gears to bent shift forks to a bunch of other stuff. Honestly if I was you, I would stick a voice recorder or camera on the frame of the bike and ride it around. Here is a video of mine, I stuck my gopro on the swingarm. I wanted the video, but I was extremely pleased with the audio feedback! Super clear engine sounds and transmission sounds, turn on your sound!

You must firmly stick the recorder onto the frame though, not loosely thrown under the back seat or something. May help with deciphering the sound, which gears exactly are noisy, and under which circumstances it makes certain noises.

Either way, you want to figure out what the issue is before diving in there. Splitting the crankcase is a costly endeavor, so you wanna be as prepared as possible if it comes to that.

Hope this helps, and hope you enjoyed my clip of me riding lol.


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Thanks for the reply mike, you have some nice roads in the US.

I can feel it more than hear it as at 50mph+ its mostly wind.

Il give the camera idear ago for sure. I have a action cam that would do perfect.

But after a little digging i think its likely my gearbox. If i undertood the videos right, 4th and 5th use a separate drive gear to 1st to 3rd, which would make sence why 1st to 3rd sound fine.

Its my winter / backup bike (i dont own a car) so hopefully it holds up till i can get my more reliable honda some new rubber and a mot. haha

I guess my next question is has anyone built up a ninja 300 engine befor?
If the engines comeing apart might aswell bring her back better than befor. Lol

If im brakeing rules posting a honda here sorry...

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If im brakeing rules posting a honda here sorry...
Super Mod here... unless you're spamming erectile dysfunction cures or porn, we're not going to have any issues. 馃槀

Welcome to the forum, have fun, and keep the rubber side down.
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