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Swingarm Kickstand Idea - what do you think?

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Hey guys, new to this forum. I recently bought a Ninja 300 that is an MA build and not only was the kickstand removed but the area where the kickstand would be bolted on was cut off with an angle grinder. I don't mind using paddock stands between sessions, but when loading the bike into and out of the trailer/garage it would be nice to have a kick stand. So I'm think of getting this product and bolting it onto the swingarm. I'm hoping it fits. What do you think?

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Welcome to the forum. I don't have any experience with that stand. Have you found any review on line?
Welcome to the forums! No experience with that product either, but keep in mind the swingarm is movable, unlike the frame. So it may be a bit wobblier.

Man that is tough. That might be one of the few options left. Just make sure the kickstand either comes entirely off when you're riding, or isn't a safety hazard. A lot of engineering and thought goes into designing a kickstand such that it is almost impossible for it to come down while riding, and I would just worry that this device isn't held to the same standard.

Maybe find something removable instead? Or an easier to use rear stand maybe?

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