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Summer riding gear?

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So... I have an alpinestars mesh jacket T-gp is the model i believe, but I find myself sweating to death on the daily commute home. Have had to pull over several times for a breather now!
Any jacket recommendations? A friend of mine suggested buying a motocross chest protector to wear over my work shirt and add gloves to it? but that sounds ridiculous to me... not to mention the road rash would be 100% worse if i have an accident of some sort :l
What do you guys wear in the scorching summers? :cool:
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The Rev'it Tornado has crazy amounts of ventilation, so it should keep you cool, and it doesn't cost as much as some of Alpinestars' gear:

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Jeans and a T-Shirt :D and flip flops of course.

I find it very unfair that the 300 was released in the US in the winter and you guys in Oz got it in the summer time. :p;)

I've always been fond of the expression "I'd rather sweat than bleed".:)
Thanks Arcade16 looks like a sweet jacket :)

Hahahaha!! theres a 2month order on the 300's so I wont be getting one till feb at the earliest... almost end of summer :(
A Rev'It Airwave two-piece suit works great for me in the south. It'll set you back around $400 US. I also have a pair of Held Airstream gloves which flow an impressive amount of air. Over 96°F though it's best to wear non vented gear.
I got joe rocket Phoenix, breathes very good. Has all armor in it. Paid like $150.

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I have a sedici jacket that is awesome ventilation
got b it for 150
i have a alpine stars GP AIR that moves a lot of air without the liner in it...selling it super cheap PM me.

ahhh **** you live in australia -_- if youre willing to pay shipping though we can work something out
Good thread to list jackets that have good ventilation for summer. Heard lots of people recommend the Rev'it before on other forums.
Rev'it is one of the more reputable brand along some of the forums. Dainese and alpinestars make some nice quality jackets but they make a quite a few. Depends on your budget really. Just be sure to look for quality of the jacket, safety protection plating and pads, and of course perforated parts like along the armpit area and around the back to disperse the heat.
I'm using a dririder mesh jacket. The hottest day I've ridden so far was 35 in the city, I was riding around parramatta that day and it was dirty.
Although the idea of having alternative riding gear for summer sounds appealing, (especially being in FL) I have to say my safety comes first. I will ride hot and be safe versus trading my safety for being cooler. Let's face it, if your in a hot state you can't avoid being hot at extended stops...even if your in a tank and shorts.
what? high quality breathable mesh is very safe especially with correct inserts and is cool in the summer. my jacket moves a lot of air when i take out the rain liner. you don't need to be in full leather on the street in the middle of the summer
Im not in full leather, I wear a textile jacket with inserts,gloves,and full face helmet....

But when I see people in vest and/or no coverage I always have to ask myself how they would end up if they did take a spill...ya know?
for sure...i just meant that these mesh / textile jackets can move a ton of air and keep you cool even temps over 90 :D
Ya, they have way more breathing allowance than leather for sure.

I still get toasty in hot weather in my textile though...
mainly at long lights in heavy traffic.

Surrounding car heat is rough. :p

I've got a Rev'it Ignition II jacket. It's a three season one which has a removeable thermal vest, as well as a waterproof liner. Both can be worn separately, together, or both off. The jacket has plenty of amour but as it is a hybrid of both leather and mesh, very breathable. Also has forearm zips for added airflow. Been riding the past 4 months North Sydney <-> Parramatta and it gets me through the cold / heat so far. Hoping it will be cool enough in summer!!!
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