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I've been experiencing electrical issues that are supposedly indicative of either a voltage regulator or stator failure. I took it into a dealership for an estimate and they said it would be roughly 700 dollars plus labor (120 an hour) for diagnosing the problem, parts, and solving the problem.

Now being a fresh college student with not that much money I immediately said "Fuck that" and took it home to diagnose the problem.

We knew the battery was fine because it read ~12 without a load and was cleared by the Batteries+ we purchased it from only a few months ago. We tested the idle voltage, in which it went up to around 12.5, and when revving the engine up to around 4k-5k RPM it didn't move from there. Pretty much confirmed to me that the stator was the issue. We disassembled everything to the alternator cover, took it off, and low and behold see the pictures attached. Looks like one of the contacts on the stator is fucked, and some of the corrosion spilt over onto the coils it was connected to.

I'm not taking it back to the dealership because I've come this far, and don't feel like dishing out that ridiculous amount of cash for something I did in just a few hours. Any part recommendations or questions regarding the original issue are 100% welcome. I'm looking to do the repair myself.
Your the man I need to do the same was not to hard to do any tips how much was ur parts sir
And how was collage life lol
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