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I picked up some lifts without much research because I needed them quick but I'm having trouble. I can BARELY get it up by myself and I'm sure I'll have a bad day where I just can't. I'm 5'3" and 105 pounds; I'm not sure if that's why....I'm strong. It was suggested that I need a longer handle for more leverage. Any recommendations? I put it in neutral and the rear stand is first on, last off.

Here's what I bought:

SPECSTAR Heavy Duty Motorcycle Rear Wheel Lift Universal Sport Bike Swingarm Spool Paddock Stand Combo for Suzuki Yamaha Honda Kawasaki Black https://a.co/d/1InOuu6

Plus the front fork stand from the same company.


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Welcome to the forum!

Maybe get someone (just for once) to hold the bike while you practice. You do it several times until you figure out how and where to grab the bike from and how hard it is to push that stand down to raise the bike. So if you screw up, the helper will catch the bike. Then you'll be more confident to do it by yourself.

This is how I do it:
First, prepare the rear stand right behind the bike, right where you need it.
Second, pull out the side stand just in case but keep the bike vertical. However, I don't know if the side stand will really catch the bike if I let it go.
Third, walk to the rear and grab the left tail section with my left hand. The plastics have a part there where you can have a nice grab and the plastics will hold just fine. Always keep the bike vertical.
Third, right hand on the stand, hook stand on the swingarm spools and push it down.

Eventually, you can move both hands to the stand to push down harder.
If available, practice on a soft grass leveled area, so if you drop the bike, the grass won't be as bad as the asphalt.

Anyways, even after you master it, it's always a maneuver to do very carefully. Never get too confident or you'll drop it.

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I bought a cheap venom rear stand before I upgraded and while it worked fine, it was too tall and lifted the rear tire off the ground probably 4 inches. Not a huge deal but it did take A LOT more force to lift it than the other stand I bought (Trackside fron Revzilla) which is perfect and only lifts the rear tire off the ground 1”. Either way they’ll work fine, I mostly upgraded due to the poor quality and small tubing on the venom stand.
I see in videos people supporting their brand new R1 on $70 Venom amazon stands. Braver than I am!
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