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SSR Triple Tree Nut

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Every day I ride my 300 to work and I look down and see that silver triple tree nut and HATE it. Silver does not belong there, everything is black! On eBay I found the SSR triple tree nut and they offered a black one. So I bought it.. I think it was $30 after shipping.. Install was easy, I dont have large metric sockets, but a 7/8" socket fits the stock bolt perfectly. And then for the install of the SSR bolt I wrapped it in a rag and then used a 1-1/4" socket and was able to get it plenty light with zero slipping or damage to the bolts finish.



For $30 I think its a great little mod just to make the bike look a little bit better..
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I couldn't take off the OEM bolt to replace it :(
I've done basic stuff on the bike before lol. I have issues with things that are torqued very tight though.
I've noticed a lot of things that I've messed with on the bike were rather tight for me. I'll try again when I have a reason to haha.
I'm just curious what's underneath the nut. I'd rather take it out and plasti dip it than cover it.
It holds the steering stem nut in place so that the tension doesn't change.
I know your post is quite old, but just wanted to share this photo I found on google of a '09 Ninja 250 and the stock nut seems to match the black triple tree on the 250 quite well. Has the color of the triple tree on the 300 changed in color from the 250? It looks the same to me.
It's the same.
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