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SSR Triple Tree Nut

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Every day I ride my 300 to work and I look down and see that silver triple tree nut and HATE it. Silver does not belong there, everything is black! On eBay I found the SSR triple tree nut and they offered a black one. So I bought it.. I think it was $30 after shipping.. Install was easy, I dont have large metric sockets, but a 7/8" socket fits the stock bolt perfectly. And then for the install of the SSR bolt I wrapped it in a rag and then used a 1-1/4" socket and was able to get it plenty light with zero slipping or damage to the bolts finish.



For $30 I think its a great little mod just to make the bike look a little bit better..
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30ft/lb isn't that tight. Might just be some threadlock on the nut that you have to crack to get it to come loose?
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