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Hey guys,

I bought a brand new Ninja 300 and I have around 960km on it. My first service is due at 1000km so I was just wondering if I should get my bike serviced before I store it away for winter or if I should just store it and then get it serviced as soon as spring rolls around. I heard that I need to change my oil and change the air filter before storing the bike for the winter. Since the days are getting colder, should I make a trip down to the dealership, get my service done, and then put the bike away?

I personally don't see the point of getting the bike serviced if it's going to go into storage for the next 4 months, but I could be wrong and I heard that the oil gets bad. Any tips on what I should do?
Put fuel stabilizer in the fuel. Disconnect the battery and put it on charge. Lube the chain.

After winter sleep, reconnect the battery, lube chain, make sure tires are at the proper psi, go for a drive to book your first service.
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