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That's the thing I'm like pounding it lol and it's sticking ppl r telling me for work who have rode for over 25 years that I'm hitting it to hard can that be the case

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Have one of them ride your bike and try to replicate the problem. Or do as Cap'n said and take it to the dealer.

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Matt, read this info on shifting - the last paragraph talks about the "Positive neutral finder". I think this is what you are experiencing:
OK here's a little education for newer riders who are having trouble with shifting.
Some motorcycles have a very clean clutch disengagement - this bike being one of them. Example - if you are in neutral with your hand off the clutch lever and engine running, the gear shafts are spinning with the engine. On some bikes, when you pull in the clutch lever in readiness to engage gear, there is some residual clutch drag and the gear shafts still rotate to some degree. On those bikes when you go to select first gear, there can be a pronounced clunk noise as the gear slides on the gear shaft and engages with its mating gear. Those bikes will always engage gear with no hesitation because the shafts are still spinning. The 300 Ninja has a very efficient disengagement of the clutch so when you pull the lever in while in neutral, the gear shafts very quickly stop rotating. Now when you try selecting first gear, there is a possibility that if the two gears aren't aligned properly, you won't be able to engage gear until the shafts rotate a little bit by either rolling the bike back & forward slightly or the most common method - while depressing the gear lever, gradually release the clutch lever. As the clutch starts to engage, the gear shafts rotate and it will snick right in to gear. Best thing is to be prepared in advance of a traffic signal changing and have the gear selected ready.
When under way, if you stab at the gear lever to change up, the gears may not engage cleanly for the same gear dog clashing reason I just described and you may find a false neutral where the engine revs to the moon but no drive. As you shift up, try leaving pressure on the gear lever upwards as you re engage the clutch - that will always work. After you are more familiar with shifting, you might want to try clutchless shifting from second or third gear up to top. Just do everything you would normally - roll off the throttle and shift gear but use no clutch. This Ninja 300 transmission is great for clutchless shifting.
The other transmission subject is what Kawasaki calls the Positive Neutral Finder which prevents the transmission from shifting into second gear while stationary, thereby easy to find neutral. This is a mechanical mechanism, just controlled by three ball bearings and gravity pulling one of the three bearings into a groove in the gear shaft preventing it from sliding to the next gear. It relys on centrifugal force to throw the bearing outward and then allow the gear to slide on the shaft. So as you pull away in first gear, the shafts spin and the ball bearings fly outward and you can select second. If you are not moving fast enough, and you try to engage second gear too soon it won't go in because the bearings are still stopping the shift. It's an ingenious and fool proof system that Kawi has used since the 70's.
Happy shifting
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