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This is a copy+paste of my review on a local forum


Hey there,

This is a review for a secure permit holder made by member YZFer on this forum. A week ago or so I posted a thread asked for some solutions that would hold my parking permits securely to my motorcycle. I scoured the internet and found very few products that could serve this need and there was one suggestion in the thread in regards to UK tax discs. But to be honest, none of them fit my needs exactly. A few days in, I was contacted by YZFer and he told me he could come up with something; we exchanged a few specifications and that was that. A little more than a day later and I was contacted by YZFer saying he had something ready.

I honestly didn't know what to expect but I rode off to meet him and when I arrived, I saw his work as shown above. Suffice to say I was a bit floored because even though I didn't picture it that way in my head, he had made -exactly- what I wanted. For one day in the pipeline, it's nothing short of amazing; he really paid attention to the details for the functionality of the unit. Not to mention I got to see his beaut of a motorcyle (R1) and meet a genuinely nice guy from forums (I think this is the first member I have met in person, aside from kneedragger88.

From there, I had to figure out a lock cable mechanism. I went to home depot and bought some 1/8" cabling and some ends to create loops for a lock to go through. I was half way through this effort before I realized I wouldn't work as the loops would prevent me from opening and getting access to the permit to replace/change (this is part of the security built in, as the cable holes go through plexiglass). I spent another couple of days looking for adjustable lock cables (Masterlock makes some but they were way too thick) before I accidentally stumbled upon a gun lock cable. The problem was that the cable was 3/16" so I contacted YZFer and he was able to accommodate me and increase the hole size accordingly. Tight fit due to the outter wrapping of the cable but it only really needs to be slipped through once.

I have made a video to briefly go through some thoughts and how it works. I'm not the greatest at making videos (still learning the camera on my new phone) but anyway, here it is:

At any rate, I want to say thank you to YZFer for the quick turnaround time and the quality product. I even told him when we met up that I didn't expect it to turn out this good (not anything against him but I just couldn't picture it in my head) and he exceeded my expectations.

Item Info

Holds up to 4" by 6" permit
As far as storage, the tray of my Ninja 300 won't fit it on top or underneath with top tray on but if I take out the top tray, it fits just fine under the passenger pillio
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