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Rumor: 59HP 4-cyl Kawasaki 250cc ZX-25R sportsbike

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I didn't do a lot of research, but dang that thing looks like a blast. Gotta be an absolute weapon on the smaller tracks with great cornering speed and decent pull on the straight. The motor sounds pretty cool on the videos and recent developments on it. But I heard it was going to be like 12k... For perspective, the 2020 ZX 6R is 10k without ABS, lol. I know because I want a ZX 6R next, doing my research haha.

If the price was say 8k that'd be a great deal. Relatively fuel efficient, probably a dang good 0-60 and general acceleration, light weight, that'd be a sweet machine to get some day.

I think I saw a rumored BMW 300cc "rr" or what have you, same idea there. Would be super rad to get a 'supersport 250-300" class, you could legit smoke some bigger bikes on the track with em.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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