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Hope you guys don't mind a new member posting this. I'm going to be buying a Ninja 300 ABS next month, and I'm the type who does all his research. I found quite a few professional reviews of the bike, so I thought I'd share them with you here.

Motorcycle Daily: First ride video, first ride writeup, review

Cycle News: review

Ultimate Motorcycling: review

Visor Down: review

Top Speed: review

The Telegraph: review

Women Riders Now: review

Hindustan Times: review

About.com: review

Of course, none of this will tell anybody here anything new - they love the bike, love the power for the size, think it's the most fun and practical thing anywhere remotely near its price range. Only gripes I've seen are that it's on the expensive side for its size (though no one denies that it's worth that price), that the brakes can feel spongy (though everyone says there's plenty of stopping power), and that there can be some build quality issues with the fairing (as so many of you guys are discovering). All in all, overwhelmingly positive response. Thought you might like to see it. :)
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