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REPOST: Moving with Motorcycle

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Hey everyone,

1. I wasn't paying attention and posted in the wrong section so I am reposting in the general discussion. Apologies.

2. I'll be moving from New England to Virginia and will be bringing my bike with me (obviously) and wanted to ask for transportation suggestions. Ideally, I am looking to put it in the back of the U-Haul amongst other belongings. I will also be bringing my paddock stands with me. Can I put the front wheel on the stand and use that as a wheel chock and then strap her down? Or should I put it up on both stands? Or should I just bite the bullet and get a wheel chock?
Looking for insight as to what other people think for transporting. I would normally spend the money on a wheel chock/trailer, but money is tight leading up to the move and I already have the stands so I thought why not use them.

Looking for any suggestions. I appreciate the advice!
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