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Hi Forum,
I'm fairly new here and hope that someone can help me a little out: I bought a crashed Ninja 300 quite some time ago with the intention to turn it into a streetfighter. I got most of it done, actually everything except the fairing. I ordered the BLK33 (blklabmotorcycles) almost a year ago but have been delayed ever since and after he told me that his shop has been broken into some month ago, I never heard a word from him again nor does he answer any mails anymore. So currently I'm trying to recreate the parts from pictures found online but that takes quite some time and effort and still doesn't look quite how I want it to. So I'm trying to find people that actually got this kit and are willing to provide me with better photos, or even better: the included manual so I can recreate the parts from there. Or maybe someone even knows what's up with Josh not answering for month, I don't want to stress him but it just seems odd...
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