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STAY on his ass bro. Someone else on a different forum had the same problem you're having. Josh is a smooth operater, I bet every time you speak to him or read an email,he's all buddy buddy with you acting like y'all are close knit friends and s**t, am I close? He's done this with EVERYBODY, he's praying on the nicer folks who dont want to be any trouble or cause a ruckus, thinking they'll create problems which would stall and delay getting what they already paid for. The guy from the other forum actually received his kit in the end but it was after awhile of almost daily emails, phone calls threatened legal action, called his credit card to report fraud, pay pal too, then he took to the forums and put his con artist ass on blast, if you have any kind of following, do that first. either way stay on that sob and Don't let it go. If you do you won't see your money or kit ever. If you start cause waves you'll get his attention.
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