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Rattling sound while accelerating

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For the last 150km or so I've noticed a loud rattling sound coming from my engine/clutch or something, but only while accelerating.

Sounds similar to.. something like a screw loose on a moving car while the wind and vibration is pounding at it.

It's quite an embarrassing sound when pulling away at a red light after people have been staring longingly at the bike... :rolleyes:

Took it to the dealer the other day to have it checked out, they don't hear it while it's just standing there being revved, but when they take it around for a short ride they hear it clearly.

Workshop guy said I might have to leave the bike with them for a day or two while they strip it down and investigate :(

Anyways he's asking our Kawasaki if anyone's been experiencing anything similar and if they have a solution, before they take anything apart.
Will probably only get a response on Monday or so.


Will keep you guys posted as they happen.
Thread may come in handy for anyone else that experiences the same thing in future.
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My dealer fixed mine at service and after a good thrashing i started to notice some clutch slip! I re adjusted it when its hot! But the lever has much less movement than before!
did it cry when they took the rattle off it like a baby does?:p

what did they do fix it?

They took it apart, put it back on, made it as tight as possible, greased it real good, and that seemed to solve it. They said if it ever comes back, they would slip a o-ring in there to cushion it, but it hasn`t returned yet.
Ok so I am def a Noob to this world. I have only been riding a little over a month. What I am wondering is how you guys hear all of this stuff? I always ride with my Bell RS-1 helmet on and all I hear is wind. The helmet makes it to where I sometimes cant even tell that the bike is on lol. Are you guys running a lap around the block with out a lid on or am I just not intune with the sounds yet?
after while you get to hear every rattle/vibration/noise the bike makes & learn what’s normal & what’s not. having said that you should still be able to hear it with the helmet on even if it is a snug fit helmet
I have had a rattling sound that started about two weeks ago. It sounded like it was coming from the engine. I read this thread this morning about other members clutch levers being the cause of the problem. On the drive to work when the noise appeared I put my hand on the lever and the noise stopped. It's definitely the source.

Thanks guys. I'll take her in and have the dealer make the corrections.
I'll have to check the clutch lever, but I have also developed this issue the last 2-3 weeks.

Dealer checked everything they said and said it might be pinging.
Yeah mine was the lever, but I also have a metalic sound too I hear when I blip the throttle when downshifting which isn`t the lever and no one can figure out what it is.
Hearing this in the past week or so. Seems to be coming from the back. I don't think it's the clutch lever because I seem to be the only one who likes to keep my hand on it at all times. It might be the chain, I felt it right now but I'm not sure how tight it needs to be, it certainly didn't feel loose but it could certainly be tighter. Probably won't be able to take it in to the dealer until late next week so hopefully nothing falls off in the meantime. Might need to resort to using the hybrid in the meantime for daily commute. Oh, and fyi, I've had my bike for 7 months with 10,300 miles.
I've got this issue, and the dealer says the chain is fine... WTF?!!?!
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