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Rattling sound while accelerating

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For the last 150km or so I've noticed a loud rattling sound coming from my engine/clutch or something, but only while accelerating.

Sounds similar to.. something like a screw loose on a moving car while the wind and vibration is pounding at it.

It's quite an embarrassing sound when pulling away at a red light after people have been staring longingly at the bike... :rolleyes:

Took it to the dealer the other day to have it checked out, they don't hear it while it's just standing there being revved, but when they take it around for a short ride they hear it clearly.

Workshop guy said I might have to leave the bike with them for a day or two while they strip it down and investigate :(

Anyways he's asking our Kawasaki if anyone's been experiencing anything similar and if they have a solution, before they take anything apart.
Will probably only get a response on Monday or so.


Will keep you guys posted as they happen.
Thread may come in handy for anyone else that experiences the same thing in future.
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I've tried holding the clutch lever firmly, unfortunately it didn't seem to make a difference. The noise appears to be coming from the back of the bike. :confused:
Check bolts. One member had a licence plate bolt that was loose and as I can imagine it made quite a noise when it started to rattle. Bolts are always a good thng to start with, check all the ones you can see. At least that eliminates that off your list of possibilities.
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