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Racing Paint Kit

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Hi, thoughts on getting a paint job/wrap similar to this picture?

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motorcycle helmet Helmet

Any ideas on where to get it (done)? Also, how much would a paint job like this cost? It doesn't have to be this exact racing livery, just a general one that looks similar... they look awesome.

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I could do that for you. that also means any shop that paints cars can too. you could hire some guy that calls himself "professional" on craigslist and they'll charge you way too much. the only place you shouldn't take it to is Maaco, unless you want it to flake off. if you want to do it yourself I recommend NOT using PPG, I got about 2 years of experience trying to teach myself how to spray. best tip is NEVER listen to the store employees, especially when the lady boss acts like she's been painting for 30 years yet has never painted a car and thinks that speaking to painters somehow gives her a lifetime of experience. anyways this paint job you want isn't that hard. you need striping tape, which can be bought at the automotive paint store or amazon. If your store sells Valspar paint (not house paint) that is good paint but Tamco Paint online is the best deal, get like quart size containers and with reducer it makes llike a bit over 2 quarts. you only need 1 quart to do the whole bike but your photo shows multiple colors. call Tamco and show them your picture. or just go to a car paint shop or car collision repair and start asking for quotes. wraps are stupid, they cost the same amount but paint is way better looking and more durable. if you want to be cool ask about chameleon paint/ DNA, color changing paint. you'll be the coolest looking squid on the road
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also i count about 3 colors on that bike, than you just slap some stickers you found online to make yourself cool looking and add striping tape to the rims, using someone who has a steady hand and isn't drunk
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