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Lean over front wheel, rev to red line, dump the clutch...works every time !!!! Just kidding. We slow race regularly. In a safe parking lot, draw two lines about 25-30 feet apart. Last one to the second line wins. Really improves low speed clutch use and balance/throttle/brake tech. And it's loads of fun. Everyone puts in a dollar and the winner takes all. Usually about 5-6 bucks. Great way to spend an hour before a big ride. Cheers.
P.S. We only go two at a time to leave room for possible mishaps...

In the pics (I know, riding gear missing...) you can clearly see the lines on the ground. This is in DC, at a friends place on a dead end street. We do it every year on this trip. Crazy, but some people look forward to the slow races more than the ride from Montreal to Washington..
Sounds pretty fun. I enjoy riding around with just clutch only. I find myself rocking back and forth at red lights waaaay to often as well. And it was the first exercise taught in the MSF course, which will be exactly how I train my girlfriend to ride.

But the gear man! lol.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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