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The big difference between the car and a bike is that most cars have a dry clutch vs a wet clutch on bikes. A wet clutch is much more durable since it is immersed in lubricating fluid. This means you can stay in the friction zone for a good chunk of time without needing to worry about damaging the clutch. This is especially so for low speed parking lot maneuvers since there is very little torque involved as you let the clutch slip.

With a manual transmission car I will often give the engine a slight blip of throttle while letting out the clutch momentarily to get a slight increase in speed. I'll often use this technique to get into a parking spots. But I wouldn't dare hold the clutch in the friction zone for a long time since it is a dry clutch.

With a motorcycle, you can get off the line super slow by adding the slightest bit of throttle, hold it there, and then slowly let out the clutch until it starts to move. Then just keep it in the friction zone while slowly edging the clutch out. You can manage your speed at this point by moving the clutch in and out for very slow manouvers
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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