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P's Test

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Hey guys,

I have my P's test on Friday... and was just wondering if anyone had any tips for passing?

I have downloaded the PDF and set up a test course at my local park to practise on every night for the last week. I have no trouble with anything in the closed course section of the ride... bar the u-turn, which I manage to get right 9/10 times.

Im more worried about the road section of the test... as I have a few bad habits (both feet down when stopped, and minimal headchecks when taking off)

Is there anything else I should be worried about
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Wait, they don't want you to have both feet down when stopped there? They got on me about leaving my right foot on the rear brake while stopped in the MSF class here. They even told everyone to take 2-4 steps when taking off from a stop to maintain balance.
don't stress the road sections not a test as long as you don't break the law or crash you will be ok.
The only part your tested on is the M.O.S.T at the end of the day and it takes 7 minutes. And you get to practice test so you know what your in for
just relax and try not to worry.
I was told with my test that any sports bike is harder to do tight turns so relax you legs and let the bike flop between them instead of hugging the tank it will turn easier on the course
Good luck
the MOST is pretty easy, the guys are laid back aswell..... I should have failed it since i couldnt do that 90 degree left hand bloody turn, but he said thats fine most sports cant make that turn anyway lol rest is easy peasy.....
Take your time dont rush things.... like the guys said the whole day except for 5mins for the test is practicing and building skills up :D
good luck with test today just take it slow and dont rush
Firstly good luck with it but try to relax. The most test is actually practiced all day before your exam and they will coach you through.

Have fun :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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