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I did my BK moto kit and just put the fairings for the headlights back on tonight. I thought this might help someone get their headlights out, although all I really have are photos of me putting the fairings back on. I'm not sure I did this right either. I think there are some bolts missing.

Anyway, to get at your lights, you have to take the mirrors and windshield off. They are both held on by the little bolts that hold your mirrors on. No problem there.

Next, you have to get that little green fairing that was under your windshield off (this is your "upper" fairing). This thing has 4 sneaky screws + 1 rivet (I think it actually has 2 more and I just forgot to put them back on).

Anyway, it's shaped like a Y and I think it has like 6 attachment points:

(1) 1 rivet to the inner fairing at the bottom of the Y.
(2) 2 bolts through the middle fairing at the bottom of the Y,
(3) 2 bolts to the headlight assembly (one on each of the on the insides of the top forks of the Y).
(4) I think there are also 2 bolts to the frame on either side of the bike (these are the ones I missed) so not shown. (I'm just looking at the service manual and the 2 extra bolts I have left over, but I might be misreading and those bolts might be from something else I did).
(5) 2 tabs to the middle fairing at the bottom of the Y.
(6) 1 tab to the middle fairing at both of the top forks of the Y.

I think you might have to remove the middle fairings before you even get to this part, but am not sure. In any event, Uurivet the inner fairing from the upper fairing (just push the rivet in with an allen key). See my thread here about the inner fairing (you needs get that off too, so just look there):


but there is a pic below also for that rivet.

Once the inner fairing is loose you can get at the bolts that hold the middle and upper fairings together. To do that, you have to sit /lie on the ground and look up at the bike. They run in a line from the floor to the ceiling sort of. See pics for better explanation. Also untab the middle fairings if you have not taken it off yet.

You will have to take off the bolts that I missed. They are to the outside of the upper arms of the Y, one one each side. Stand to the side of your bike and look at it so you are perpendicular to your shifter/brake and you will see them. at least I think there are supposed to be bolts there, but Missed them when putting them back on.

So now you will need to get at some bolts that are underneath the upper fairing at the tops of the Y. But to do that you have to yank the headlight assembly away from the frame. There is a steel bar part of the frame that runs in a loop just behind the plastic headlight assembly. The assembly is held to the frame at 4 corners. The top 2 corners are male plastic portions that plug into a female with a rubber gromit. The 2 lower corners are bolts that are bolted to welded-on nuts in the frame. The pic sucks, sorry, but it's real easy to get the headlight assembly out of there.

Once the assembly is away from the frame you can see the sneaky bolts that are holding the upper fairing on. They are under the top branches of the Y, one on each side.

I think that does it. But much of this is from memory so I can't be sure. Anyway, I spent a good hour and a half trying to hunt some of those bolts down, so maybe this will help save time but use it at your own risk since I can't guarantee its right since there was a long time between me taking the fairings off and putting them back on again. There might be others and don't snap anything off either.

If you notice I screwed something up here, please let me know. Thanks.

(some non-stock parts in the photos: if you were curious ZeroGravity double bubble windshield, pazzo levers, and Hot Grips heated grips).


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