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So I had to take my inner fairing off to do an HID kit (BK Moto) and while putting it back on I figured I'd take some pictures b/c maybe they'd help somebody. Most people probably won't need to take this fairing off I guess.

So the inner fairing has 7 rivets and 2 bolts. The bolts go on the top and the rivets around the rest of it.

The bolts get bolted to some welded on nuts near the radiator. I think it is quite a bit easier to install with the middle fairing off the bike (that's the big one with your turn signals on it). The bolt on the throttle side will be behind the coolant tank.

You orient the fairing with the open part toward the back of the back and the bolts up.

I put the bolts on first to hold it in place, then the rivets.

I put the middle rivet on first. It goes into the metal bracket in the little green fairing that is on the top of your headlights with the bolt holes in it to mount your mirrors.

The other 6 go down the sides and they connect into the middle fairing (again, that's the one with your blinker in it).

Then I just worked my way backward from there sticking the rivets in. They lined up with the holes really well.

There is one little tab on the middle fairing that mates with a tab on the inner fairing. It's near the blinker that also gets connected, but I can't recall if the middle fairing goes on the inside or outside, but it's pretty self-evident. I've got a photo of it below.

BTW, I'm not super sure I did this right. If I made a mistake, please tell me.

Also, to put the rivets in easier, make sure the head of the rivet is sticking pretty far up (see last pic).

Oh and to take the rivets out, you just poke them with an allen key and the head pops out then you just tug them out.


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