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Passed My Class!

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I passed my MSF class today! Class was really informative. I go pick up my black 300 this tuesday! I cant wait!
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Congrats and good luck! Take it slow and enjoy! :)
Congratulations! Keep the rubber side down!

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Yay! Congratulations!!! :D

Now go take your familiarization class on your new bike. There is always more to learn and a lot of the classes really speed up the learning process in a safe environment. There is always classes to take to make you better. And some of them can give further insurance deductions as well.

Ride safe.
congrats!! My wife and I just passed our class today as well
Congrats, be safe and have fun :D
Take it easy. Well done.
Thanks everybody for the congrats and advice!
Nice man, black is a great pick also.. thats what i got =D
Congrats! it's a great feeling. Definitely get to know the 300 before you really take her out hard, it's quite a different bike from the MSF trainers lol.

To be honest, I kinda really liked my suszuki tu250x trainer I had. it was a really comfortable bike...no 300, but kinda nice actually
DRINKS ALL AROUND!!! Congratz dude!
DRINKS ALL AROUND!!! Congratz dude!
Double rum n coke. I'll take Captain and a lime squeeze.
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