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I would suggest making sure the powder coating shop you are considering is well versed in doing cycle wheels. There are details that need to be done that many large production shops don't do - like careful masking of mounting surfaces, openings, and threads. Look for photos of wheels on their website/FB page, and look closely that the rotor mount surfaces are bearing openings are not coated. Make sure you have the rotors and bearings out before heading to the powder coater.

It’s usually most efficient to chemically strip the coating from the wheels instead of blasting. Often the blasting needs to be too aggressive in order to remove the factory coating, and it leaves too much texture on the metal that either needs too much powder to cover or will show through.

Typically, wheels will run from $100 to $150 each in a stock color. Ordering a color usually adds about $30 for the amount required for a set of wheels. Some colors, commonly metallics, require a clear coat which adds 30 to 50% to the base cost, as it requires an additional coating and curing procedure.

When done properly, powder is going to be significantly more durable than paint - even OEM paint.

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