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Open Carry while you Ride?

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the open carry bill (and campus carry bill) into law. Effective Jan 1, 2016 people with the appropriate concealed carry license will be able to open carry a handgun.

Unfortunately the bill will also allow the police to "stop and check" to see if you have a license in direct violation of Terry v. Ohio. (In which the Supreme Court said that a lawfully carried firearm cannot be the sole reason for a stop.)

You can also expect openly hostile, 2nd amendment hating, police chiefs like Austin PD's Art Acevedo to instruct his little minions to make life miserable for anyone who dares exercise their rights. He'll instruct his minions in blue to treat each stop as a felony stop and make you lay down in a filthy gutter while they disarm you and detain you out in the sun for several hours (without water) while they try their level best to fabricate some sort of charges against you. Even after they discover you're lawfully carrying they'll fail to return your firearm all the while questioning you in an effort to find something to charge you with.

Anyway, I digress. Does anyone plan to carry while they ride?

Or, if you live somewhere where it's already legal, do you carry while riding?
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Here in PA I have a concealed carry permit. I don't "carry" often, it depends on the situation. Last year a state trooper was shot and killed and the felon was on the loose in the forest for weeks. I have a cabin not far from where that occurred, so when I was there, I did carry. I use an ankle holster for my Taurus .38 revolver. It's comfortable and inconspicuous.
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