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this video is where i got the inspiration to make my own

i have been hunting for some steel tube for ages and i eventually gave up and used to round steel tube instead and flattened one end a bit with a decent sized hammer

i couldn’t find any seat belt webbing or any old wrecked cars to get the seat belt from, so i used a elcheapo $2 belt that has webbing on it instead

i dont have a sew it all type device the guy talks about either, so i used some 32 lb (16 kilo) fishing line and some needles used by auto upholsters and sewed the ends together myself

hope this comes in handy for someone.

If your curious you can buy a round metal oil filter removal tool with 14 flutes in it, they are 64mm round, used by cars/bikes. they work well too, they have a socket on the top like this

go hunting thru ebay , they can be bought for under $10 with free delivery from HK


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