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Hi, bought one with now 40k km (25k miles) and since I bought it with 32k km (19k miles) I feel like the oil consumption is a bit to excessive, although a couple of mechanics told me it might be normal for a 2 cylinder engine that revs to around 13k.

1k km (600 miles) ago I measured how much I put and now I measured it again. I let it run over night to make sure all of it was out. The oil consumption for those km/miles was 500ml (around 2 cups I believe). That would leave the bike with around 1.9L (around 8 cups). I have tried to check the manual, there is no minimum as they just refer to that window to check the oil and for me, it seems already too low for comfort. I check the oil after warming up the bike and the letting it seat for about 5 minutes and then check.

Do you have any idea how much are your bikes consuming or what would be normal to experience.

My apologies if the cup measurements I use don't make too much sense in this situation, used to liters and no idea what's commonly used. 😅

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Hey man, welcome to the forums!

As for the oil consumption, I had a similar issue to you a few seasons ago. Although, my 300 consumed less oil than yours, and mine became noticeable around 40,000 miles (around 65,000km's) and it would also dirty the oil within a couple hundred miles. Mine still ran fine, maybe had some slight loss of power in the mid-r

Maybe we should make a sticky on general engine oil consumption, crankcase vent/air filter oil accumulation, and piston ring replacement for folks. I am seeing this topic from time to time, maybe a sticky on how to figure out what your particular 300 is doing may be helpful to folks.

I made a write up on here in the maintenance section on how I replaced piston rings on the 300, and all the parts I bought, and pictures of the work. I replaced my piston rings, and all of those symptoms immediately went away. Oil consumption is back to nonexistent, oil stays yellow until at least a thousand miles or so, mid-range power is back up, idles stronger, and runs generally smoother.

If you are handy with a wrench, it took me a couple months and IIRC under a thousand USD. If you don't have the time, space, effort, tools, and motivation to do it, it will also probably be under a thousand USD (hopefully) to have a local mechanic do it for you, depending on local rates and parts cost for you.

I actually have found my bigger bikes to run more.... oil tight than the 300. I think there are more examples of CBR's or GSX-R's with 60,000+ km's that don't eat oil in the slightest. In fact, I have a 2004 GSX-R750 and it doesn't consume a drop, and the oil color has stayed yellow/clear light brown for hundreds of miles. Maybe the modern 2-cylinder engines are just not as balanced and oil tight as their 4-cylinder counterparts.

Regardless, check your crankcase vent into the airbox as well. Some folks with this issue you are having also get blowby/oil in their airbox due to worn piston rings. Doesn't affect all, but some people's bikes. Also, make sure if there is oil to determine if its excess air filter oil, or in fact engine oil from the crankcase vent. There is a difference, and it matters. I thought I had this issue, but I just too generously oiled my air filter is all.

Let me know if you need help and want to do the job yourself, I can refer you to my old thread and answer any questions you might have on this specific job since I did it semi-recently.

Hope this helps!
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