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Hi Folks,

I've only had my N300 a few weeks and haven't had a chance to change the oil yet myself, but it seems straightforward enough. However, when I read the Owner's Manual it says to have the dealer do it.

I assume they say this a) out of an abundance of caution, and b) to get the dealers more business, but isn't that going a bit far? Does Kawasaki not have any respect for their customers' ability to do basic maintenance themselves?

Liability reasons only, though they cannot say you cannot.


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2.2 liters oil = 2.3 quarts

Fairings on in driveway, busted knuckles, aluminum foil to keep oil off exhaust when removing filter:

Fairings on in shop on MC lift, oil change without jackstand, coolant, chain lube n adjust (but should use alignment tool), charge and jump battery, OD on carbon monoxide:

Right side lower fairing removed in garage, torque oil drain plug 14.5 ft lbs:

How to remove all engine fairings, sammich bag for loose parts, take photos of bolts and parts before removal:

How to safety wire oil filter, drain bolt and filler cap, using a hose clamp, optional predrilled drain bolt:

Gadgets to make safety wire fun with less profanity:

How to train your GF to change your oil and make you a sammich:

WARNING: If you have a new bike pay the dealer to do it to remain in warrantee
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