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Minimum 60 to 90 kilometres per day, from an hour to hour an a half round trips.

Been running this oil for the majority of its life. Might be overkill, but engine has been running as smooth as when I bought it.
MC-4ST 10W-40 (100% PAO & ESTER) | Penrite Oil
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However my mechanic isnt a Penrite fan as he works mostly on 2 strokes and they run like shit on Penrite. He cant recommend me Motul enough, due to the amount of money they drop in research and development apparently.
May give full syth Motul a go next oil change on my other bike. But I did notice smoother gear changing with full syth on the ninja and my mates Hyosung which used to run rough as old balls and had such a clunky gearbox.
That should be good oil. I'm not familiar with it, but Ester is the top of the line.

With the distances you normally travel, the oil should be getting hot enough to burn off contaminants - which is good.

Using that quality of oil, and going a decent distance, frequent oil changes shouldn't be required.

If your ride involves a lot of hwy, I may consider going up 1 tooth on the countershaft sprocket. That will soften acceleration a bit, but drop your cruise RPMs about 500. Would work best if you are a lighter/smaller person and don't use all of your acceleration capability frequently. I did it on my SV650, and it smoothed-out the cruise quite a bit. With the torque the SV has, I didn't notice any significant reduction in acceleration. May not be the same for the 300 though.

I wouldn't push to the recommended 12,000 km, and 4,000 km is on the other end, so I would say something in the range of 6,000 to 7,000 km may be an appropriate oil change interval for you.
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