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Octane, 87 ain't cutting it!

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The last tank I got of NJ's best crapola 87 fuel is giving me a sizzeling sound under load between 5-6k RPMs. Bumped it up to 93 octane tonight. Temps around 40f, will now be colder, low 20s.

Fingers crossed the super cures it.

Anyone else notice preignition/detonation signs/sounds?
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Nj gas definitely isn't the best, don't settle for the cheap places like wawa or "speedy gas"
it was kinda like a hard knock. i was gonna pull over and turn it off but i was far from home and was scared it wont turn back on. so i stared driving and it went away and has not came back.

i got my no cut frame sliders today too and wanna put them on but i dont know if it will void warranty :(
no-cut sliders from kawasaki i assume? i highly doubt their own product would void their own bike's warranty
the quality of your gas can really make a difference. shell, exxon, sunoco, etc. all are good name brands. the non-name brands usually just blend every other manufactures left overs together, making crappy gasoline. (coming from a kid that works at two gas stations) (new jersey)
1 - 3 of 73 Posts
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